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  • Specially formulated for up to 2" depth pours
  • UV inhibitors
  • Clear
  • No VOC's
  • Produces a high gloss, water clear coating
  • Food safe
  • Ships within one business day


If you're someone who loves the look of crystal clear deep pour resin castings, then you'll definitely want to take a look at ProGlas 1105 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin. This versatile material is perfect for a wide variety of projects from river tables and countertops, to figurines and art pieces up to 2 inches thick. Made from 100% solids, this high-quality resin is designed to create stunning, glossy finishes that are sure to impress. So whether you're a professional artist or just someone who enjoys crafting, ProGlas 1105 is definitely worth considering as your next go-to resin.

For instructions and troubleshooting tips go HERE.

Drum kits available- call for pricing.

Creating Stunning River Tables with ProGlas 1105 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

River tables have become a popular trend in the world of woodworking and epoxy art, and for good reason. Their unique and mesmerizing designs make them a centerpiece in any space. ProGlas 1105 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is the perfect choice for creating these stunning pieces, thanks to its excellent clarity, depth, and ease of use.

Epoxy Casting Projects

Deep pour epoxy is ideal for casting projects where thick layers of resin are needed. This includes:

•Molds and Sculptures: Create detailed molds and sculptures by pouring epoxy into silicone molds. The resin captures fine details and cures to a durable, clear finish.

•Jewelry Making: Craft unique, custom jewelry pieces by embedding objects like flowers, beads, or pigments into deep pour epoxy.

Use our Deep pour Epoxy to Create one of a kind River Charcuterie Boards

Design charcuterie boards with a “river” of epoxy running through the center. These boards are perfect for serving appetizers and make stunning centerpieces.

Deep Pour Epoxy FAQ's

Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of any dust or debris. If necessary, sand the surface to create a smooth base. Use a suitable primer or sealer on porous surfaces to prevent air bubbles from forming during the curing process.

ProGlas 1105 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is a specialized epoxy designed for deep pour applications, allowing for a single pour depth of up to 2 inches. It is perfect for projects requiring thick layers, such as river tables, casting, and large encapsulations.

For best results, use ProGlas 1105 in a controlled environment with a temperature between 75°F and 85°F (24°C and 29°C) and a humidity level below 60%. Ensure that the working area is free from dust and other contaminants.

The mixing ratio for ProGlas 1105 is 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener by volume. It is crucial to measure accurately and mix thoroughly to ensure proper curing and optimal results.

The initial curing time for ProGlas 1105 is approximately 24-36 hours at room temperature. Full curing can take up to 7 days, depending on the thickness of the pour and environmental conditions.

 Yes, you can add pigments, dyes, or mica powders to ProGlas 1105 to achieve your desired color. Make sure to use compatible colorants and mix them thoroughly with the resin before adding the hardener.

To minimize bubbles, mix the resin and hardener slowly to reduce air entrapment. Use a heat gun or torch to gently pass over the surface after pouring, which helps to release trapped air. Additionally, ensure the working environment is at the recommended temperature to aid bubble release.

If the epoxy remains tacky, it may be due to an incorrect mixing ratio, inadequate mixing, or environmental factors such as low temperature or high humidity. Ensure you follow the instructions precisely and maintain the recommended conditions. If the surface remains tacky, you may need to sand it lightly and apply a fresh layer of properly mixed epoxy.

Store any unused resin and hardener in their original containers, tightly sealed, and in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain the product’s integrity.

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